Research & Development – Coffee Products

coffee products

In the challenging sector of wholesale and retail coffee market, conditions, trends, demands and competition tend to constantly intensify. Our aim is to innovate by offering brand-new, alluring coffee products to our clients, satisfying every taste and desire.

Our team continually explores new raw materials from across the globe in order to select the finest ones. After singling out the new varieties that comply with our strict quality standards, we test them by incorporating them on existent blends or creating new ones. We taste the outcome and we carefully evaluate the aroma, flavor and texture of the new blend. Provided that the finished coffee products fascinate us, only then we set the addition of it to our products’ range.

Research and development in our company also extends to supplementary products, such as tea blends, chocolate, professional and home coffee makers, mugs, plastic and paper cups and special packaging and gifts. Every new product added to our range that carries our brand name, has been monitored and certified by our team as a fine quality product in its category that supplements the Italian espresso coffee, the flagship product of our company.