Quality – Espresso


Unparalleled quality is the basic principle on which our business has always relied upon and accompanies us every single day since the beginning. It is a constant procedure and commitment that begins in the coffee plantation in a specific coffee cultivation area, continues with the harvest of green coffee beans that are extracted and transported to our establishment, is brought to perfection during the roasting process under the personal surveillance of Giorgio Pietri, an acknowledged roasting virtuoso, is completed with high-end packaging and results in each and every cup of espresso coffee you obtain by every coffee shop nationally liaised with our brand.

Pioneer Espresso Company differentiates itself compared to the majority of coffee trading companies worldwide and faithfully follows traditional italian espresso production techniques. Let’s guide ourselves through the steps we devoutly follow for the production of every coffee grammar.

  • Select raw materials

    In order to ensure the highest quality for our blends, we begin by picking select batches of green coffee that originate from the finest coffee plantations worldwide. As soon as the batches land our unit, we carry out thorough quality testings before initiating the production.

  • Blend composition

    In order to properly create our blends, we use more than 15 different coffee varieties originating from America, Africa and Asia. The selection of the ingredients and the manner we blend them prior to roasting is a result of long term research and experience in blend production.

  • Slow roasting

    The roasting method we follow is slow and takes place in low temperature. This way we preserve the ingredients of high nutritional value that come with coffee and we surface the unique flavor that characterizes high quality espresso. In addition, we roast every batch separately.

  • Rich aroma

    The coffee bean blend used for the production of every variety, is being roasted only days before distribution to the selling points, so that it preserves the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee when it ends at the final consumer’s cup.


Our constant, personal engagement, the procedures we follow and strict quality tests we carry out, our love and passion for authentic, handcrafted Italian espresso, the innovation in our home-made coffee blends and the impeccable service provided to our clients, have established our products as ultra fine and truly pioneering.