Social Responsibility – UTZ Certification

UTZ certification

For us in Pioneer Espresso Company, responsibility towards the environment and society is a factor of crucial importance. For this reason we cooperate exclusively with coffee producers, whose cultivation practices comply with the criteria standardized by UTZ Certified Code of Conduct, hence actively supporting sustainable agricultural coffee production. We obtain selective coffee beans from plantations where the use of non-biological fertilizers is prohibited and we encourage the use of renewable energy resources where feasible.

We seek to procure raw materials from producers who adhere to the code of conduct regarding cultivation (minimal or registered use of chemical compounds to protect the harvest, integrated water management systems), as well as human resources who are engaged to cultivation and production of coffee. Cultivators of our traded coffee and their families are granted access to healthcare and education, while discrimination and child labor are strictly prohibited in work place.

Through those collaborations, we guarantee that the product served to you has been produced by virtue of responsible methods that show regard for human and natural environment, abiding by the principle of sustainability and the behests of the international community.